Southern Zone

1. Ngozi geothermal Site

Ngozi geothermal prospect is located partly within Poroto forest reserve in Rungwe and Mbeya rural districts in Mbeya region, southwest Tanzania.

It falls within the Quaternary Rungwe Volcanics Province at southern triple junction of East Africa Rift System, where Eastern and Western arms intersect (Nyasa rift- to the south, Usangu rift to the North East and Rukwa rift- to the North West). The area is characterized by young volcanic cones and the main volcanic feature being Ngozi Caldera Lake.

This is the most advanced project in terms of geoscientific studies conducted so far, whereby it suggests huge potential for Electricity generation and direct use applications of geothermal resource. Exploration drilling is expected to commence in financial year 2016.

2. Songwe geothermal Site

These fields are located on the left bank of Songwe River, approximately 30Km west of Mbeya City.

Quaternary volcanic rocks are widely distributed in the fields, where NW -SE trending faults are well developed. Multiple hot springs and white travertine sinter occur in fissures with a similar trend running parallel to the fault.

The hot springs and travertine cover the total area of about 40 Kilometer square. The travertine is more than 10 m thick at its thickest within the quarry site. The microstructure of the layer within travertine shows the colloform texture that is developed under the precipitation process at the surface. The base of the travertine is composed of Cretaceous sandstone and mudstone.

3. Kiejo Mbaka geothermal Site

This field is located on the left bank of the river, approximately 30 km southeast of Rungwe Volcano. Travertine accumulates where the hot springs gush out from the hillside and riverbed.

Quaternary basic volcanic rocks are widely distributed in the field, where NW-SE trending faults are well-developed. Hot springs up welling from fissures in a similar trend, with localized river, over a distance of more than 200 meters.

4. Mampulo geothermal Site

This field is located in Mampulo Village, Kyela district in Mbeya region, where the hot springs up welling from fractures in the conglomerate.

There is dominance of Conglomerate and pebbly sandstone, in which NW-SE trending faults are well-developed and dominant in the field. The hot springs are derived from NE-SW trending fissures.

5. Mapu geothermal site

The area is located in Katavi region, south west Tanzania, within the Rukwa trough in East Africa Rift System. There is no significant geoscientific studies conducted in the area.

6. Mbarali geothermal site

The area is located in Mbarali district in Mbeya region. The Mbarali geothermal prospect is located in Usangu basin thick sedimentary rock. The structural setting of the area comprises of fault lineaments trending NW-SE.