Geothermal Exploration

Geothermal resource being a new resource in power generation and direct utilization in Tanzania, an intensive investment on knowledge base found to be on high demand. TGDC has strategically invested on human resource and knowledge base since its establishment on July, 2013. A number of geoscientists and engineers acquired knowledge and skills both from the Energy Companies in the region and reputable universities and colleges from abroad i.e. GDC and KENGEN companies both from Kenya, University of Iceland, Kyushu University (Japan), UNU_GTP currently known as GRO (Iceland).

TGDC offer geothermal exploration consultancy in a field of; Geology, Geochemistry and Geophysics at any geothermal development phase, from reconnaissance to drilling phase. The service involves planning, data acquisitions, data analysis, data processing and modelling and interpretation.