Renting of geophysical and geochemical equipment’s

TGDC owns an exploration equipment that fits on subsurface data acquisition such as structures, lithological/stratigraphy and resistivity properties (cap rocks, reservoir) where interpretations base on the nature of explorations. The following are available equipment for renting;

  • Magtotelluric Transient (MT), Electro Magnetic (TEM), Audiomagnetotellurics (AMT): Are Electromagnetic Inductions techniques (geophysical) highly penetrative from near surface to over 10 km+ deeper, useful in acquisitions of resistivity data.
  • Radon Meter and CO2 flux: are the advanced soil gas survey techniques used to demarcate the hidden subsurface structures. The techniques are useful in geothermal exploration, mineral resources exploration, ground water prospecting, oil and gas exploration and other explorations related to earth resources extractions/industries.