Jamhuri Ya Muungano Wa Tanzania

Tanzania Geothermal Development Company


Mkakati wa Kampuni Kibiashara

TGDC as a public company vehicle for spearheading development of geothermal industry in the country, it is investing its energy and effort in developing the required capabilities that are need in fostering development of a sustainable geothermal energy industry in Tanzania. Being a lead company in geothermal development in Tanzania, TGDC is developing a strategic business plan that will guide the development of its business in the next 25 year. The business plan will develop the roadmap for the company growth by matching the planned development over the planning horizon against required firm resources.
In parallel with development of the strategic plan, TGDC is focusing on developing the quick win geothermal projects which can easily be executed to generate the set target of 200MW by 2020. These quick win geothermal projects include Ngozi in Mbeya, Kisaki in Morogoro,and Luhoi in Coastal region. For developing these projects, TGDC intends to utilize less costly public funds (from government and development partners) in the execution of the risky upstream exploration works and partner with the private sector in the implementation the power plant development phase. TGDC is pursuing to the strategic path of utilizing SREP and GRMF funds to complement the government and donor contributions to co-finance the drilling phase which is the most costly and risky phase of the geothermal project.
TGDC steadily developing the required capabilities in terms of firm resources such as knowledge and skills, assets (equipment and tools), organizational processes that will sustain it to implement the projects efficiently and effectively. In addition to being able to promote two geothermal projects (Ngizi and Kisaki) to a level of being considered as candidate project for GRMF co-financing, TGDC in a period of one and half years has managed to acquire some exploration equipment and has recruited 19 technical staff of different specialties varying geoscientists to engineers.
TGDC’s plan is to develop high skilled professionals in various fields of geothermics and allied sciences and engineering to ensure that the company has state of the art knowledge and skills on geothermal development and utilization. In addition to developing internal capabilities TGDC is diligently establishing strategic partnerships with local, regional and international institutions for the purpose of accessing resources the company needs in the developing of the geothermal resources.