Jamhuri Ya Muungano Wa Tanzania

Tanzania Geothermal Development Company


Eneo la jotoardhi la Eyasi

This field is located on the Eastern side of Lake Eyasi which is a shallow endorheic salt lake on the floor of the Great Rift Valley at the base of Serengeti plateau south of Serengeti National Park and immediately south of Ngorongoro caldera in the Eyasi- Wembere branch of Great Rift Valley.

The field is located in the eastern branch of East African Rift System which developed in the Late Proterozoic basement of the Mozambique belt and close to the eastern margin of the Tanzanian craton. The geology of the site is dominated by gneiss basement rocks that are distributed in the field. The basement rocks are associated with NE-SW trending lineaments which seem to be a fault due to presence of a well-developed scarp.